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hey there, i'm nicole. 


Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Thanks for coming! 

If you want to learn more about what I am working on and why, read all the way to the bottom of the page. . . 

In the meantime, here is the brief version ! 

I am a creative mother of three young boys living a slow life off grid in Nayarit, Mexico with a bunch of animals.  

Originally from Buffalo, New York  in the US, I have been living in the Bay of Banderas region of Mexico for 2 decades.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked as an event planner, tour guide, teacher, fundraising coordinator, photographer, workshop host,  student, writer and so much more. 

My experiences are diverse.
I am always learning, always inspired. 

Take a look at my history page  for my full CV and who else I've been learning from. 

You can find me over here and here too. 

Now,  a little bit more about why I am here...


I am here on the internet to share open-heartedly about my experiences as a woman and a mother living in these challenging times,  in hopes of inspiring others in the process.  

I am also here to share my knowledge and personal experiences around alternative education, living connected with nature,  holistic nutrition, slowing down and living simply.  

I believe in disconnecting from the systems that bind us and honoring the natural cycles of life, bringing it all home....

birth, nutrition, education, community, wellness and even death.  

(check out my blog  to peek some of my writings on those deeper things) 

I also value nourishment and rest, creativity and self expression, 

being a good human and a showing up as a steward of this earth.  

I am passionate about photography,  handmade and homemade, creative collaborations with friends and slowing down. 

I am an educator and a lifelong learner. 

I support and actively participate in the alternative education community in my region (and online).

I believe strongly in the power of play for our children, interest led learning models, nature immersion practices and using creative and curious approaches to learning in general. 

I also believe that cultivating connection with our natural world is critical for our learning to happen; individually and collectively.  Nature based learning brings that connection in and lays the ground for our children to become true caretakers of this earth. 

I currently offer unplugged play opportunities and nature immersion experiences for children and their families in my community through our project, Iyari Play

I am also in collaboration with several other educational projects and organizations that I would love for you to learn about. 

The Cedarsong Way 

Zubuya Proyecto Educativo

Entreamigos Centro Educativo

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please contact me for any specific references or collaboration proposals!

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