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a memory from the kitchen floor

from the archives - march 20, 2020

Feel all the things. Always.

Self Portrait therapy on the floor of the kitchen on "international woman's day" as the weight of the world comes crashing down on me, the collective suffering of women for generations behind me, all the pain and shame, all of the violence and hatred projected towards the femme energy on this planet brings me to me knees as I struggle with domestic chores and gender roles on a Sunday morning.

And wrapped up in that moment of global empathy and deep deep sadness, I read a post by a friend who lost her mama a few years ago and reflects on the fact that she no longer remembers her voice....

And bam. I'm sobbing on the floor realizing I too have lost my mamas voice, I can't hear it in my mind anymore and that saddens me just as deeply as all the bloodshed and brutality I am reflecting on in the moment. Damn. And I sit in that place and feel the feels, no matter how hard it is, how uncomfortable and ugly and scary it feels.

My babies see me crying hysterically and I tell them I just miss my mama and I'm sad about the world. Don't worry children, it is alright to cry.....

And in that space, that pain, that emotion, that energy....

That is where we find our humanity.

I love you.

#thelifeofastrongmama, #internationalwomansday, #feelallthethings

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