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embrace rest.

Rest. Relax. Reset.

Do you embrace rest?

Are you ever able to sloow all the way down? Take a break? Reset and come back more alive than ever?

Do you notice the rhythm you are moving at? The pace? The speed? Or the lack thereof?

Sound familiar? I bet it does...

Ive always been a doer. Someone who prided herself as a multi-tasker, a "good" worker, the woman who could do it all, the one who could handle anything. I was always moving, socializing, planning, doing. It all seemed so. damn. important.

Little by little that peeled away and I would get closer to this space of rest. This place of slowing down and making that a real value in my life and my family's life.

That looks different for everyone.

For me it was about everything from the way I ate and prepared my food to the "scheduling" I would no longer be imposing on myself (and them). It meant getting out of the wedding business, connecting to more slow hobbies and crafts and making space for boredom. It mean turning down dinner parties with the ladies and not going to every damn birthday party we are invited to. It meant being seen as the anti-social, perhaps even a little bitchy, mom that does not do playdates. It looks like me laying on the floor playing with the kids and allowing myself to let go of the mess. Its reading books instead of opening my computer. Its laying in the hammock outside watching the chickens graze as the world spins and the to do list remains. It looks like composting and planting seeds and foraging for fruit and birdwatching and tracking the life cycle of the tadpoles and watching sunsets and noticing clouds and coloring mandalas and making coffee in a slow burner. And hundreds of other unseen things that brought me/us closer to real REST.

And that is a true challenge in this world for many people in our society. So much is fast food, fast internet, speedy delivery, instant messages, immediate results, blah blah blah.

Can you take one step this week that will invite rest into your life? Can you try to shift your speed from rocket power to snail in just one element of your life?

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