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honor birth.

In honor of home birth, I want to share something I wrote in June 2017 đŸ”„

Birth is something we need to get comfortable with. Literally.

I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude everyday just knowing that I am surrounded by people who ARE comfortable with birth. Real people I can see and hug often and virtual communities I get to be a part of. Birth is something that has been brought home, a family ritual and communal experience. My social media feeds are often filled with videos and stories of mamas birthing their babies; photographers documenting sacred birth in all environments; women and men advocating body love and rising vibrations and birth and death and all the REAL loving in between. I'm so grateful for that ✹

Birth is normal, it's a part of life, it literally IS life. It is where we all come from and what we all have in common. It is a sacred ceremony that eons of female humans have been partaking in. Birth is where it all starts , where everything begins. It is NOT an emergency and it is not an ugly or awkward thing happening to women behind curtains and hospital gowns. Babies are birthed in the woods, in huts and homes and tide pools and dirt floors all around the world. For real. For REAL. 🌀🌎

SO, whether you are a family on the verge of a new baby or a single dude or lady, just doin your thing, without any thought of birth or birthing on your radar, or a seasoned parent or grandparent. . . No matter who you are, start to get comfortable with birth. Watch a documentary, YouTube "successful free birth", read a birth story or two, with pictures, start to follow some birth photographers. Get to know what it looks like and the power the woman carries with her inside. I say this in all seriousness 🙏 Once people are more connected to birth, comfortable watching it unfold, conscious of what it looks like and how it feels, the dialogue will start to change and the shift will take place. The woman will be treated as a temple, a sacred portal , as she is....and everything starts from there...

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