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my first birth story

my big boy is going to be 7 in less than 48 hours and here I am looking at old photos and remembering. this is the original birth story I wrote many months after he was born.

august 28th, 2013 the birth of kiowa sol

after a rough night of tossing and turning because of "gas pains", i woke up around 7 am and went out to the living room to try to stretch it out and get some fresh air. i told ulises everything was okay and i was just uncomfortable in the bed.

i spent the next 30 minutes doing back stretches on the couch and just trying to lay still. wasnt happening. i decided to check the time in between each one of these "cramps" and realized they were only 6 minutes apart. after the millions of birth stories ive read, i knew i was in the 1st stage of labor. oh boy. i calmly told ulises what was going on, and the show began.

the next 2 hours was spent walking around the apartment, crawling, bending over the kitchen counter, laying on the bed, on the couch, wherever i could get "comfortable" for a few fleeting moments.

the plan, after being present at 2 water births, was to wait as long as i could to get in the pool. just wait it out. ha! all i could think about was that warm water and that soft, heavenly inflatable space. knowing it takes about 45 minutes to inflate it and fill it up, ulises got started. it all seemed a bit too early, but my body was somehow telling me it was time.

i was in the water about 1020. mom was texted, my girls were updated and his family was called. my brother and his family had not yet arrived, they were the "birth team". but it was okay, we were doing fine. i was at that point just hanging out in the warm water, stretching, squatting , moaning and rolling my hips, and at every contraction, i would just hold on to the 2 handles (thank god for those damn handles) of the birth tub and groan until they passed. it proved to be an effective method for me.

the space was perfect. incense and candles, my super power birth necklace nearby and the tara verde mantras playing in the background. he may have been terrified, but damn did he hide it. he was soo peaceful and calm, he was all the birth team i needed. well, except for brittany. she was summoned and flew up that hill and arrived magically right before kiowa came, in time to feed me watermelon and pineapple and give me some serious birth sister encouragement. just a few more contractions later, he came.

at 1123am, kiowa sol landed on this earth. he arrived with big open eyes and floated in the water for a few minutes. everything else blurs away. literally 5 minutes later, cord still attached and mama and baby still blissing out in the water, the rest of my birth team arrived. my brother, his wife and my then 2 year old niece. everything was right with the world.

the next few hours were spent wrapped in warm juicy love vibes, eating fruit, sipping beef broth, recovering, getting acquainted and being taken care of. absolute and total peace.

nothing could have been better .

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