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self portrait challenge

as you probably already know, taking self portraits is therapy for me and I share often about that on my Instagram account.

as a way to continue to share my experience and collective wisdom about self portraiture as a therapeutic tool, as a form of personal growth and empowerment, I wanted to bring us together through a challenge.

if you have ever participated in one of my self portrait workshops (either virtual or in person) I invite you to join in! please share any of the images you created during the workshop or since the workshop. any image that hits home and you've been dying to share. or an image that feels hard for you to share.

the idea is that you share an image that goes along with the prompt. I will be sending out weekly emails to invite you in to the next prompt.

we all share our images in our social networks or our own sites with the hash tag #selfportraittherapychallenge

this way, we can all join together under this theme and see each others work and shares, reveling in the fact that it is indeed uniting humanity, as the great Cristina Nuñez says.

This week I invite you to stare the camera down. To look into its eyes as though it is a mirror. To tell it how you feel. To show your emotion to the lense. It can be up close and personal or from a distance. That can look like so many different things and I'm excited to see what comes up from this. It's sometimes scary and nerving, sometimes sexy and fantastic, sometimes liberating and always revealing.

Let's see what you got ⚡

Here are a few recent examples of my telling the camera how I feel during the


creative workshops 📸




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