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Mothering is an act of resistance

Mothering is an act of resistance.

It is leaning into the belly of the earth to feel what  home is, traveling to stars to retrieve spirit babies and dancing with death at every turn. It is shamanic and cyclical and so much more cosmic than many think.


Motherhood makes you the keeper of all that nourishes, enlightens, lifts up and holds the  spirit. It is elation and excitement and deep deep love and a million beautiful explosive sensations of peace, awe, grace and gratitude.


And at the same time, motherhood is exhausting and dirty and full of blood, tears, terror, loss and loneliness. It is deep emotional labor. It is breaking your heart open in hundreds of ways every day. It is learning how to let go for a lifetime. It is getting close and comfortable w your dark side. Facing your shit, those triggers and traumas, every day and still getting through to the other side.


And with all of that and so much more, by vibrating in a Mothering place, we are resisting systems that reject the femme existence. Anything that is feminine, full of life and blood, emotions, energy, passion and pain is rejected by the systems we live in. By mothering and caring for and tending to others, we are expanding compassion out into the world and screaming to the stars that we do not consent to allll of that toxic violent patriarchal bullshit they got us plugged into.  We are standing up to the brutality of systems that do not honor motherhood and in fact try to erase the Mother, often capitalizing on motherhood. We ARE the revolution.


Just BEING is enough.


Even when the world is falling down around us and we can't get a hold on what comes next and our children are at our feet waiting for answers and it all weighs down on is still enough.

There is so much trauma as a collective to work through right now, we need to sit down and take it all in. Homework can wait, dishes can wait, crying on the bathroom floor is totally ok. Let it all out. And then play cards or stare up at the clouds with the babes. Remember that this is scary and nothing matters more than you and them. #motherhood, #motheringistherevolution, #thelifeofatrongmama

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